Other Needs

Buy a Bag of Rice
All of the $ 40.00 goes to rice. There are no other costs. A bag of rice is 550 meals. In Cap Haitian the EBAC Orphanage uses 8 bags of rice a month to feed 80 orphans and the staff and teachers. We have a goal of feeding over 7500 kids and teachers next year in the schools in Haiti and the orphanage. That will require 3000 bags of rice per year and 750 bags of beans. This meal is the only meal most of the children will have, and they typically do not eat on the weekends. In Haiti Rice is Life - Help us Buy a Bag.

School Books
Many children do not have books.  The cost of a set of books is $15.00 per child.

School Supplies
A modest donation will enable schools to purchase desperately needed supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons and chalk.

School Uniforms
The uniform helps the child identify with the school and elimijiates the embarrassment that some children would face wearing rags.  Shoes are also a much needed commodity and a precious gift to a student.  The cost is $15.00 per student.

Providing a Bible in Creole, the native language in Haiti, will be treasured by Haitian students.  The cost is $10.00 per student.

Poultry provides school teachers and school administrators a means to provide protein for their families and students.  $35.00 will provide a full-grown rooster and hen for schools.

Unrestricted Donations
This donation is to cover unforeseen needs as well as operating expenses which are kept as low as possible.

Sponsor a student - $140 per year
2011 - 2012 Winter Update